Bean is available to someone willing to put the work into her. She has a lot of potential as a sport or working dog, and she needs to be exercised mentally and physically. She was born November 13, 2022, and has completed all vaccinations (puppy series and rabies). She is extremely biddable and motivated, and needs someone willing to put in the work for training and giving her an outlet for her drives. She has amazing environmental confidence and will throw herself onto/ into anything- almost malinois type. Her food drive is high, prey drive med/high, and has a super desire to play with toys of any kind. She is a dog that looks to engage with her handler. She has been raised with other dogs, cats, and has been extensively exposed socially. She can lose focus occassionally, but quickly comes back to it with clear direction (I'm confident this will improve with age and a bond to her handler). 

Her only flaw is she does have an umbilical hernia, but per my contract that will be reimbursed if repaired at time of spay. If she is here in May then it will be fixed by my vet. At her current age she does "excited pee" when over stimulated, but as long as she is pottied beforehand this has been a non issue. She is 100% crate trained and will show clear signs when she needs to go outside. She is overall a very happy, energetic puppy with immense potential. She is from our B litter, so her parents are Cobra and Igo. Pedigree is below (is her littermate brother's profile). She has been tested and is a DM carrier (so will never be affected but carries one gene that could be passed down if bred). She comes with a 26 month health warranty, limited registration (with option for full once health testing and titling is achieved), and lifetime breeder support. She is continuously being worked and socialized so her price will continue to go up the more work she has into her. 

Videos and more photos available upon request! 

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