updated 12/8/23: i will not be taking any training or boarding dogs until further notice

With the current unknown respiratory illness going around in the dog world we will not be bringing any dogs onto our property, period. I know this may seem extreme and inconvenient to some, but my dogs' health is of upmost importance and takes priorty over all else. thank you for understanding!


Training program

Prices may require adjusting based on training required and travel distance

We offer a wide range of training options in an attempt to cater to the needs of many dog owners. From socialization to basic obedience to behavioral complications-we've got you covered! At this time I do not offer group training classes, but instead one-on-one training with you and your companion. My preference for training is utilizing positive reinforcement as often as possible, but sometimes more than treats and praise are required for the best results. If a dog needs it-then I will use prong collars or electric collars. Please be advised under no circumstances will abuse of any tools be accepted for any canine. 

When selecting a trainer there are many things to look at. At the end of the day YOU are the one who lives with your dog and YOU have to be happy with the training you are receiving. As a trainer there may be times that I will decline a client or refer one elsewhere. This is not meant to be negative experience, but it is better to cut ties with someone than continue to spend money without results desired. That being said, my training strategy is simple: teach the owner to train the dog. One hour a week working with a dog is not enough time to see consistent improvements, whereas one hour a week teaching an owner how to train there dog has worked well for me through the years. If a client wants their dog trained by myself, then a board and train is the best option.

Training Costs (Starting point, may vary)

Basic Obedience: $45 per hour

Advanced Applications: $60 per hour

Behavior Modification: $75 per hour

Aggression Cases: Price varies

Competitive Sport Guidance: Price varies

BOarding options

Pet Boarding: $30 per day

This includes unlimited outdoor time (weather dependent) indoor crate space, outdoor kennel space, as well as fenced in yard time. I do not mingle boarding dogs with personal dogs, so rotation is required. Proof of vaccination required (Distemper combo within 3 years, rabies valid). Bordetella not required. Proof of flea/tick preventative required. Discount given for multiple dogs from same household boarded together.

Board and Train: Price varies, please inquire privately

*minimum stay of 2 weeks required*

Above rules apply for all dogs in my care, and will have one 1-hour training session per day. In the event a training session was postponed, price will be adjusted. Unlimited owner contact and photos or videos upon request will be sent. We want you to feel 100% confident in the care and training provided to your best friend. Please be aware that due to stress and/or suggested weight change that a dog's body condition may be altered during their stay. Food will be provided by the owner, as well as specified rewards. Half payment down at time of drop off, remainder due at time of pickup. If unknown length of stay then 2 weeks due at drop off. At time of pick up a training session will be provided to owner to show behaviors learned and continued training required by owner. 

Please note-a board and train is not a "hand over an untrained dog and magically receive a trained one". The foundation of new behaviors is laid by the trainer, but the continued work is required by the owner upon arrival back at home! Remember-it takes *AT LEAST* twice as long to replace a new behavior from an old habit. Unlearning behaviors is much harder than learning them right the first time.

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