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"B" LItter!!!

3 males and 2 females were born via c-section on 11/13/2022! All very large (again) so she was unable to give birth naturally unfortunately. They are growing well, and are showing some amazing personalities. At this time we have both females available. Both girls are black and tan, and it appears yellow male may be dark black and tan, red is bicolor, and blue is solid black! They are tons of fun, and are all showing very consistent drives with food and toys! All of these puppies would do well in a sport home, and even working home.  These are some really nice, drivey pups for sure and I can't wait to see how they continue to flourish. 

Berzerk vom Waldrand- staying with waldrand kennel

Barrett vom waldrand- Beginning Search And Rescue training with chuck muench

BLaze vom WALDRAND- starting rally/obedience training with laci bunch

Bertina vom waldrand- enjoying being the center of attention with cindy and jamie kuester

Bean vom walDRAND- staying with waldrand kennel to begin sport career

 Cobra was bred to Igo vom Steinteich for her last litter, with puppies due November 12, 2022. Igo is a medium size, correct male with a powerful pedigree. His owner is Jason Wiggins of Kentucky, and Igo was imported in 2019 from Germany. His pedigree paired with Cobra's is exactly what I was looking for: a line breeding on Bandit v Oberhausener-Kreuz, without using Irko v Schmiedgarten to achieve it. His pedigree is exceptionally well put together, and he represents it well. I expect puppies to be slightly more serious in this litter vs the A litter, but the same stable, clear headed temperaments that I have seen from the A litter babies. I wanted to improve on Cobra's tracking (as I'm not sure if her lack in footstep tracking is simply due to my incorrect foundation or a lack of ability, as her children present natural tracking abilities). I also wanted to go to a smaller male to hopefully not produce bigger puppies, as she herself is not a small girl.

Jason had this to say about Igo: "Temperament is way over the top drive with a complete off switch when not in drive. Calm in the kennel and house but goes from zero to 115% in less than a second. Best friends with my 3 year old daughter, will run in the yard with free range chickens and will ignore them but will catch and eat squirrels. Big pleaser in obedience. Will work all day in high drive for no reward. Abnormally smart, high desire to please often gets him in trouble for overthinking exercises. Probably one of the best gripping dogs I have ever worked. Not just full, calm grip powerful bite force and active fighting behavior. Fast, very atheltic and agile. He is also a natural tracker."

I do not take deposits before puppies are 2 weeks old, and at that time a $500 deposit is required to hold puppy. Puppies are $2,500 AKC Limited Registration (with option for full at no additional cost once agreed upon health tests and working titles are achieved), microchipped, with 26 month health warranty. Puppies are raised following Puppy Culture ENS protocol in my home. 



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